Northern Kruger National Park Travel Guide

Map of Northern Kruger Park

Everyone loves a good dramatic play and the Kruger National Park, one of Africa's top three safari destinations, is renowned for its nail-biting natural dramas all played out on a stage rich with natural backdrops such as savannah, forest, river and mountain. The cast - Africa finest - Lions, Leopards, Buffalo, Rhino, Elephants and thousands of other animals. Who needs television?


Renowned as being home to the greatest wildlife diversity in South Africa, affording excellent game viewing opportunities, the legendary Kruger National Park started life in 1898 as the Sabie Reserve, created to protect the wildlife from over-hunting. Because of its success the area was enlarged and in 1926 was officially declared the Kruger National Park.


Today, the reserve not only protects the wildlife but also the cultural history of the area through museums and the preservation of historical sites.


Are you an intrepid traveller? Do you like doing things that no-one else has done? Then the Northern Kruger Park is just the place for you! This region is sheltered from all but the most adventurous traveller due to its remoteness. It is a wilderness area of great beauty and refined pleasures. The area north of the Levuvhu River provides some of the best birding in Southern Africa.  The game viewing is not as prolific here as it is down in the Southern Kruger Park, but this area has its own special charm!


Top Attractions in Northern Kruger National Park:


  • Game drives are what the Kruger National Park is all about – go on one with an experienced game ranger
  • Go on a bush walk with a game ranger - Nothing can possibly beat the heart stopping excitement of wild African animals on foot through the heat of the bush.
  • Go on a walking safari. There are a few incredible wilderness trails in the Kruger National Park, such as Metsi-Metsi, Napi, Massingir and the Sweni Wilderness. 
  • Go bird watching