Augrabies Falls National Park Travel Guide

Map of Augrabies


Created in 1966, Augrabies is derived from the Khoi name for 'place of the Great Noise'. 
The Augrabies Falls National Park has a great diversity of flora and fauna to appreciate. The park is home to a variety of African wildlife including Leopard,  Black Backed Jackals, Caracal,  Bat-Eared Fox, African Wild Cat, Springbok and Klipspringer. The area is very arid and only the strongest can survive in this ruggedly beautiful part of South Africa. Exotic names such Moon Rock and Echo Corner give testament to the solitude of the park. 
When the river is in full flood, great volumes of water move through the 18km (11 mile) gorge and thunder down the 56 metre waterfall - hence its Khoi San name 'place of the Great Noise'. It is renowned as one of the world’s largest waterfalls.
This region’s ecology has developed unique adaptations to survive the extreme temperature variations ranging from very low to very high. The giraffes found here are much lighter than their relatives in the east due to sun protection adaptions. Famous residents include the Black Rhino and the Cape Clawless Otter; its presence indicates a healthy river eco-system.
The Augrabies Falls National Park region is also home to the remarkable Nama people, who through determination and adaptation live in harmony with the land in this very harsh environment. 
The Augrabies Falls National Park is located around the Augrabies Falls, about 120 km west of Upington in the Northern Cape Province. This is an area rich in stunning scenery and African wildlife as well as the unforgettable sights and sounds of the powerful falls.

To things to do in the Augrabies Falls National Park


  • Explore the rocky outcrops and scrub-dotted plains on game drives
  • Go hiking to truly enjoy the sights
  • Mountain bikes are a great way to see the surrounds
  • Go on a 4x4 trail
  • Relax and enjoy the solitude!