Addo Elephant National Park Travel Guide

Map of Addo

In 1931 the Addo Elephant National Park  was declared a preservation area for elephants, this was at a time when just 11 Elephant roamed the area. Today, however, over 450 Elephant makes the Park its home, as well as Cape Buffalo, Black Rhino, a variety of antelope species and the unique flightless dung beetle, found almost exclusively in Addo. 

The National Park is also home to the 'Big 7', namely Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Whale and the Great White Shark. Addo National Park is indeed a unique and diverse wildlife sanctuary, and plans to expand and transform Addo are already in motion. In addition to what it currently has, Addo plans to proclaim 120 000 hectares of marine reserve, that includes islands that are home to the world's largest breeding populations of Cape gannets and second largest breeding population of African penguins 
Addo Elephant National Park is set deep within the dense valley bushveld of the Sundays River region of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. At this Eastern Cape game park you will experience an unrivaled natural diversity, boasting 5 of South Africa 's seven major vegetation biomes.


Top things to do in the Addo region:


  • Explore the world renowned Addo Elephant National Park
  • Go on an exciting elephant safari
  • Journey through the Raptor and Reptile Park – an amazing insight into these creatures
  • Visit the Addo Dung Beetle Breeding Station unique and fun!
  • Explore the Daniell Cheetah Breeding Farm, which was only created in in May 2001! It is nopw a thriving nature conservation project
  • Go Horse Riding in the Addo Elephant National Park