Ivory Tree Game Lodge

Ivory Tree Game Lodge


Within the north eastern region of the Pilanesberg National Park lies an ancient Amphitheatre and in its basin, surrounded by beautiful volcanic spires and rolling savanna grassland, Ivory Tree Game Lodge has been beautifully crafted. 

The lodge
Decorated in a range of earthly tones ranging from terra cottas to deep blues, the lodge has been built in harmony with the surrounding African bushveld. 
The lodge features 60 standard rooms and 4 executive suites, each including en-suite bathroom and outside shower, climate-control air conditioner, mini bar fridge and a tea and coffee making facility. 
The central guest areas include 2 lounges, a bar, a dining room and a feature rock pool. Sweeping patios provide the ideal venue for delicious English breakfasts and light luncheons with the boma reserved for fire-side dinners. The award winning wellness centre presents a wide variety of treatment options designed to relax mind, body and soul. 
Ivory Tree uses custom built 10 seater open game viewers which permit maximum all round visibility. The park is home to a wide variety of general game including the big 5
The concept of involving guests in conservation exercises has traditionally been beyond the reach of guests in our private reserves, and even more so in national parks. We are delighted that we have been able to reach agreements with our parks to involve guests in these extremely exciting experiences.
This has been made possible through financial contributions from the guests to off set some of the costs relating to these conservation exercises. In some cases conservation exercises have become possible expressly through these contributions, a situation which can only benefit our wildlife heritage. An example of this would be the darting of a lion for specific interventions.
The experience typically begins after a short drive to the briefing area, here guests receive a detailed brief on the programme of events and an explanation on the reason why the exercise is about to take place.
The process of enticing the predators to the bait involves securing a carcass to a tree or similar anchor and then playing a recording of a distressed animal calling, once the subjects are at the carcass, the vet will dart the individual. Generally about 5 to 10 minutes will pass whilst the individual succumbs to the effects of the sedative. The vehicles move in and create a lager around the individual with our guides keeping a watchful eye over other members of the pride, assuming there are any. In this case the lion is loaded onto the back of a vehicle by guests.
The individual is removed from the site and taken a safe distance away to begin the procedures. Procedures could include; branding, placing or removing collars, inserting micro chips etc. Throughout the experience maximum guest participation is encouraged.
A behind the scenes look at the day to running and obstacles that face a National Park in an ever Developing World. Get to understand the fundamentals of wildlife management, and how even the most insignificant man induced changes can have catastrophic environmental effects in the long run.

Children Policy

All children welcome

Accommodation Available at Ivory Tree Game Lodge

  • 60 standard rooms
  • 4 executive suites
Ivory Tree Lodge - Pilanesberg Game Reserve

Ivory Tree Game Lodge

Currency Quoted: ZAR - South African Rands
Rate: FROM 5,275.00 Per person per night Sharing
Includes: All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 2 game activites per day
Valid: 31/10/2016
* Prices are subject to change
* Contact us for special winter rates & for children’s rates