Incentive Teaser Campaigns

Companies live and die by the quality of their sales force. A dazzling sales team can generate tremendous sales for an average product or service, but a clumsy sales team might not be able to do much, even with a first rate offering!


Reward and recognition programmes are uniquely effective tools to modify behavior and to motivate sales staff to stimulate profitable growth. These competitions can take many forms, from weekly contests in the local branch, to monthly reward prizes for the top sales person, to an annual incentive programme as the culminating glory for attaining certain metrics.


Rewards based on results are cost-effective and self-funding, creating a win-win environment and improved staff retention. The more you recognize the winners of incentive programmes, the prouder staff will be of their accomplishments.


But how do you keep interest in an Incentive that can sometimes take a year to earn?


You create an exceptional teaser campaign that stimulates and excites the participants!


 It's about the competition. To beat all the others in the company. To be the "Best of the Best". And with the chance to win a trip to an exotic destination - well, that's even better!"  


Continuous communication is critical in any reward and recognition programme. You must constantly reiterate the goals to the participants to keep them fresh in everyone’s minds. Remember the three keys to communication are update, update, update!


What better way to update and excite your team than with a stimulating message on the campaign and a small gift depicting the location of the Incentive to further whet their appetite!


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